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JKT has solved several complicated sourcing issues for clients in various industries. Here are a few examples...
Project 1

A leading global packaging manufacturer with $55M+ of corrugated spend across 90+ locations had inconsistent sourcing processes, supplier proliferation (90+ suppliers), SKU proliferation (2,500+), and above market pricing.  They engaged JKT’s core team to bring the situation under control by developing and implementing a corrugated Spend Optimization program

Project 2

The incumbent vendor had supplied the client for more than 12 years.  JKT studied the specifications and volumes and concluded that there was a significant cost reduction opportunity available by taking the spend to the market.   The client purchased fanfold sheets, which is a corrugated sheet that requires special manufacturing / finishing, and therefore has a limited, geographically dispersed supply base.  JKT used its technical, manufacturing, and commercial expertise to create and execute a highly effective bid process

Project 3

A Mid-market PE firm acquired a leading US producer of specialty frozen confectionaries that has a commanding share in the Hispanic marketplace.  There were price, performance, appearance, and other improvement opportunities because packaging was left unaddressed by previous ownership. JKT was engaged and deployed its Direct Source approach to capture near term savings and enable longer term packaging redesign opportunities with incremental savings

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