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Welcome to the The JKT Financial Group LLC! 

    We are an operational and financial consulting firm. We utilize our expertise in lean manufacturing, financial prudence and asset management to help companies streamline their operations, increase throughput, improve safety as well as source packaging/logistic needs.

   Our motto, Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam, is Latin and loosely translated it means "I will find a way or make a way". Our mission is to give small and mid-sized companies who may lack in house resources, the ability to: 

  • provide solutions for major initiatives such as startup funding, capital investments, throughput improvement and performance management

  • negotiate with suppliers utilizing our tremendous buying power in the area of packaging

  • provide excellent financial products for their employees all while lowering cost to the employer

  • manage data, and make data a useful tool that drives real value

  • assess risk and provide corrective actions and training in the area of safety and liability

   Our logo is the "Knowledge Tree". It's branches represent the reach of our expertise and the diversity of our knowledge base. Our goal will always be to provide our clients with:

  • a continuous improvement "department"

  • client-favorable funding options to startup or expand

  • the buying power to take advantage competitive pricing on packaging materials

  • financial tools that give employees more financial freedom while creating value for the employer

  • data that enables solid decision making and that is a tool as opposed to just a necessity  

  • the means to mitigate risk utilizing focused training, innovative insurance products and implementing employee based sustainable safety programs  

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